Typical Day of Dove Hunting


Sunrise – Wake up call with the anticipation of a great day of dove hunting.
  • Breakfast – Eat a hearty breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, cereal, toast, coffee, tea, juice and fresh fruit, all served in the lodge by our wonderful Argentinian staff.
  • Dove Hunting Station setup – Your bird boy will be in the field while you are eating breakfast.  He will be busy setting up the dove hunting station which includes getting the guns and shotgun shells ready, building the blind and preparing drinks and snacks.
  • Drive – There is a short drive of 5 to 15 minutes in a SUV through farm land or wooded dove roosts to your shooting station.
  • Shoot/Reload/Shoot again – You will shoot doves until your gun is empty.  You may then either reload yourself or have your bird boy reload for you. If you have chosen multiple guns for the day the bird boy can hand you the next shotgun already loaded so you don’t miss any chance to shoot a dove. You are welcome to hunt doves as long as you want. The average dove hunter will usually shoot 2-3 hours in the morning.
  • Back to the lodge – As you hunt, the staff will check on you throughout the morning to see if you need anything and will bring you back to the lodge when you are ready.
  • Lunch – Normally Argentine BBQ with a heavy emphasis on red meat along with pork and chicken, vegetables, wine or the drink of your choice and dessert.
  • Siesta – You are welcome to take a nap if you want to rest up for an afternoon of dove hunting.
  • Mid-afternoon return to the field – Hunt doves until dusk in a different location than the morning hunt (unless you want to go to the same place).
  • Back to the lodge – Return to the lodge for shower, hors devours and drinks.
  • Dinner – Another Argentine culinary masterpiece.
  • After Dinner – After dinner relaxation and conversation until time it is time to rest up for another big day of hunting, maybe duck or partridge tomorrow.

Want to learn more about a typical day you should contact our USA Contact / Dove Hunting Consultant he will fill you in on all details you are dying to know about.


Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

  USA Contact /Hunting Consultant Chip Johnston