Perdiz Partridge Hunting in Argentina

Dog with Perdiz in his mouth

Argentina Perdiz Hunt

Why Perdiz Hunt at Estancia La Criolla, Argentina?

We hunt this fast flushing bird over fine pointing dogs in short grass plains intended as pasture land for cattle. The Perdiz is a type of Partridge similar to quail or chuckar and is found in singles and pairs rather than coveys.

Exciting Hunt, Great Dogs

Upland bird hunting in Argentina at Estancia la Criolla is very traditional and some of the most charming hunting in Argentina. Our pointing dogs including Brittney’s, Weimaraner and German shorthaired pointers. Perdiz hunting adds a great deal of variety to the wing shooting experience of Argentina. With dove and duck hunting, dogs are not normally involved, but Perdiz hunting requires the use of highly trained pointers and flushers.  It is truly a great experience to hunt these fast flying birds with the assistance of great working dogs.

Typically we hunt Perdiz early in the morning while scenting conditions are favorable for the dogs.  You will walk with your guide as he directs the dog or dogs and you must be prepared to shoot quickly.  Perdiz habitat can vary from open fields with little cover to higher grass among trees.  Regardless of where you find them, these birds will test your shooting ability and provide a great shooting experience.  As with our dove hunting and duck hunting, once the morning session concludes, you will be driven back to the lodge for lunch.

Add variety to your Argentina Dove Hunt

Most of our clients prefer to hunt Prediz as part of a combination hunt that includes dove hunting, duck hunting and fishing, but trips can be customized to your liking.

Shotgun with a limit of perdiz in Argentina

Perdiz Hunt in Argetina


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