Argentina Dove Hunt

Argentina dove hunt

Hunting dove in Argentina

Dove Hunting in Argentina

Ready for an Argentina dove hunt? As you may know, Argentina is world renowned for the best dove hunts on the planet!   At our ranch in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina, called Estancia La Criolla, you will experience magical dove hunts and so much more.

Tons of doves, lots of land

The Santa Fe Province of Argentina is overwhelmed with tens of millions of doves. The high bird populations in Argentina virtually guarantee an action packed dove hunt.  Estancia La Criolla has 10,000 acres of private land and over the 25,000 acres of leased land. The ranch is literally surrounded by roosts and crops inhabited by an estimated 30 million doves. Our more than 40 dove hunting areas, located no more than 20 minutes away, allow us to give the hunters numerous shooting options every day. Argentina dove hunts are offered year round with no season or bag limits.

Argentina dove hunt

Dove Hunt in Argentina

Experience a Argentina Dove Hunt and Much More

Hunting doves is awesome, but let’s be honest you can only hunt the endless stream of doves for so long before may you want to hunt something else in this target rich environment. There are lots of great places to hunt doves in Argentina, but where Estancia La Criolla stands head and shoulders above the competition is VARIETY!

If you are going to take the time and expense to come all the way to Argentina shouldn’t you experience more than hunting doves?

In addition to the world class dove hunting, we also hunt some of the best waterfowl habitat in the world.  It doesn’t stop there, perdiz (an Argentinian partridge) and fishing are also on the docket when you book your hunt with Estancia La Criolla. All of this without the need to transfer lodges.

Most of our clients come for a combination hunt that includes dove hunting, duck hunting, partridge hunting and fishing. Trips can be customized to fit your preferences. You can also add big game hunting to the trip.

Argentina Dove Hunt

Argentina Dove Hunting Blind

5 Star Lodging, Spectacular Meals, Awesome Service

Estancia La Criolla offers what we believe to be the best combination bird hunting adventure in all of Argentina, but there are a few more things that sets us apart from the competition. Add our 5 star lodging in a British built lodge, which some of our guests refer to as a “castle,” some of the best food Argentina has to offer and a staff that will treat you like royalty and you have a trip you will never forget.

High praise from past clients

“Roberto, Tomas and staff, after having spent five other hunts in Argentina, this one ranks as the best! Most courteous staff, great food and the best hunting combination made this trip a 5 star experience. Thanks!” – Dennis Greensage, Houston, TX

“Thank you for hosting Orion at your beautiful outfit to videotape a waterfoulers edge episode. – ORION Multimedia, Littleton, CO

“Many thanks for the outstanding hunt and hospitality, everything was first class.” – Charlie Potter, Dundee IL

“Thank you so much for a great week. The dove hunting was fantastic and so close to the estancia.  The food and service were extremely good.  We thoroughly enjoyed being at your home!” – Dennis Anderson, Los Angeles, CA

Save your spot today!

Yes we are biased, but we sincerely believe if you want to experience the bird hunting trip of a lifetime, you should contact our USA Contact / Dove Hunting Consultant and book your trip to Argentina today!

Typical Day of Dove hunting

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