Dorado Fishing in Argentina – Golden Dorado


Estancia La Criolla Guest holding a Golden Dorado

Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing

Why fish for Golden Dorado at Estancia La Criolla, Argentina?

A short 45 minute drive from the Estancia la Criolla lodge will put you in one of the best Dorado fishing spots in Argentina. After a duck hunt, or a couple of days of dove hunting, our Golden Dorado fishing on the impressive Parana river is an experience you should not miss.

Tiger of the rivers

The Golden Dorado is a beautiful golden colored fresh water fish (not to be confused with the salt water Dorado) that can weigh in excess of 15 pounds. The scientific name for the fish is Salminus Brasiliensis. The Dorado dwells in the waters of the Parana River preying on bait fish. It is often called the “tiger of the rivers,”  the ferocity of the fish makes the nickname well deserved.  They are one of the hardest fighting sport fish, pound for pound, in the world. Once hooked, the Golden Dorado normally makes big jumps that increase the excitement of the fishing and when landed, their impressive teeth make clear why they have such a reputation for ferocity.

Golden Dorado are targeted using live bait (big salamanders or live eels) or you can fly fish (dry flies).

Parana River

The Parana is a spectacular river that runs through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina for about 3,030 miles. Just being able to experience the Parana River and view the wildlife that call it home makes the trip worthwhile.  In addition to the targeted species of Golden Dorado the angler will have the potential to catch Piranha that may be as big as a dinner plate.

Add variety to your Dove Hunt in Argentina – Golden Dorado Fishing

Most of our clients prefer to fish as part of a combination hunt that includes dove hunting, partridge hunting and duck hunting, but trips can be customized to your liking.

Argentina angler with caught a Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado Fishing in Argentina


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