Combination Bird Hunt/Wing Shooting

Lots and lots of doves over a field in Argentina

Dove hunting Argentina

Why Bird Hunt at Estancia La Criolla?

Estancia La Criolla offers what we consider the best combination bird hunts in Argentina.  The typical package combines Argentina Dove Hunting with two other types of wing shooting and an exciting fishing trip to give you five action packed days of bird hunting in Argentina. Add on great accommodations and world class service to give you the bird hunting trip of a lifetime.

Dove Hunts Argentina

Dove Hunts in Argentina are unlike anything you experience in the hunting world. It is one of the last truly high volume hunts on the planet.  You can hunt doves until your tired of pulling the trigger, then you go back to the lodge to re-energize for an afternoon of wing shooting fun. Most people come to dove hunt Argentina but as you will see below at Estanica La Criolla there is so much more. Learn more about Hunting dove in Argentina.

Dove Hunters in a field in Argentina

Argentina Dove Hunts

Duck Hunting Argentina

Argentina duck hunting is often overshadowed by dove hunting in Argentina, but Argentina offers spectacular duck hunting too!  There are lots of great Argentina Hunting Lodges but most are solely focused on dove hunting. Estancia La Criolla has some of the best dove hunting in Argentina and world class duck hunting too. All available within a short drive of the lodge.  Learn more about Argentina Waterfowl Hunting.

Sunset in Argentina

Duck Hunting Argentina

Perdiz Hunting Argentina

If the Argentina duck and dove hunts are not enough for you, Estancia La Criolla offers Perdiz hunting too! Perdiz is a partridge similar to a quail. They are an exciting, fast flushing bird hunted over pointers. Learn more about Argentina Perdiz Hunting.

Dog after a perdiz on Argentina Hunt

Perdiz hunts Argentina

Dorado Fishing in Argentina

If you want a break from all the Argentina Wing Shooting, Estancia La Criolla can round out your cast and blast trip with some fantastic dorado fishing. Dorado nicknamed the “tiger of  the rivers”, it is an aggressive, hard fighting fish, that will add plenty of excitement to your trip.  Learn more about Argentina Dorado Fishing.

5 Day Combination Bird Hunt

Most hunters know about the great dove hunting in Argentina, but not all know about the variety of wing shooting that is available. We believe if you are going to make the trip to Argentina you should make the most of the trip by booking a combination bird hunt with Estancia La Criolla.

The most common package is a 5 day, mixed bag duck and dove hunt with perdiz hunting and dorado fishing. We are surely biased, but believe this package offers the best variety of wing shooting in Argentina. The hunter gets to experience high volume dove hunting, spectacular waterfowl hunting, fabulous dog work while hunting the exciting Perdiz and the tremendous fighting of the freshwater Dorado.  All in all, this is one of the greatest experiences available in today’s world of wing shooting.

Sample Hunting Itinerary

First Day – Dove Hunting / Dove Hunting

Second Day – Duck Hunting / Dove Hunting

Third Day – Dove Hunting / Fishing Afternoon

Forth Day – Duck Hunting / Dove Hunting

Fifth Day – Perdiz Hunting / Dove Hunting

Tailor to your preferences

The above combination hunt can be tailored to your preference.  We can even add even more variety to your trip by adding Big Game hunting for black buck antelope, axis deer and water buffalo.  More species can be added by utilizing the services of other outfitters in the area.


Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

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