Argentina Duck Hunting – World Class Waterfowl Hunting

Duck Hunting Argentina - Hunters below a sky Covered with Ducks

Argentina Duck Hunting – Sky Covered in Ducks

Argentina Duck Hunting – Why Estancia la Criolla?

Estancia la Criolla is surrounded by a duck hunting paradise. The Sante Fe Province of Argentina (where Estancia la Criolla is located) has vast marshes, swamps and lagoons inhabited by a wide variety of duck species.  If you are going to go duck hunting in Argentina, why not come to a lodge with great dove and partridge hunting as well?  We offer great ducking hunting, dove hunting and perdiz hunting all without having to transfer lodges or make long commutes.

Duck Species Variety, Liberal Bag Limits

What makes Argentina duck hunting unique is the great diversity of duck habitat.  Within a 50 mile radius of our lodge there are marshlands, the islands of the Parana river and rice fields, which together provide year round habitat for ducks.  In addition to the diversity of habitat and variety of species hunted are the liberal bag limits.   Bag limits change according to state law but the limits will be much higher than most North American hunters are accustom to.  Estancia La Criolla is, without a doubt, a duck hunters paradise.

Combination Bird Hunts

Of course, in addition to the world class duck hunting, we offer great dove hunting dove huntingpartridge hunting, big game hunting and fishing.  Each can be done separately or as part of a combination hunt.

Argentina Duck Hunting - hunter with ducks

Argentina Duck Hunting

What Duck Species are available?

Argentina offers and unrivaled variety and volume of ducks.  Just a sampling of some of the duck species are listed below.

  • White Cheeked Pintail
  • Silver Teal
  • Ringed Teal
  • Red Shoveler
  • Cinnamon Teal
  • Southern Widgeon
  • Brazilian Teal
  • Speckled Teal
  • Tree ducks
  • Rosy-billed Pochard

There are also several other less common species that may be available for your duck hunting excitement.

Argentina Waterfowl Hunting Tactics

As you would expect most of the duck hunting is done in blinds, over decoys, while calling. Another thing that makes Estancia la Criolla unique is the habitat and how we get there.  Examples include:

  • Horse drawn boats – We use horses to pull small boats through the marshes to bring duck hunters and decoys to the blinds.
  • Setup between two marshes – Here we intercept the ducks and they move from one marsh to the next.
  • Rice fields – Here we setup in a blind over decoys in the rice fields.
  • River banks – We also set decoys near the river banks when the flight patterns dictate.

 Typical day of Argentina Duck Hunting

  • You will receive a wake up call well before daylight.
  • We will feed you the standard hearty Argentinian breakfast.
  • We then load up and drive to the duck hunting location, which is selected in advance by our local hunting guides depending on the flight patters of the waterfowl.
  • Our local duck hunting guides will place decoys, do the calling for you and pickup all the birds you shoot.
  • After the morning duck hunting is finished we will drive back to the lodge for lunch.
  • In the afternoon you can go out dove hunting or go back out duck hunting if you prefer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Duck Hunting Argentina

  • What is the duck hunting bag limit? – Bag limits are subject to change by state law. Limitations on specific species may apply as well. That being said limits will be much higher than you will find in North America.
  • Do I need to bring waders? – No, hip waders will be provided in locations that warrant their use.
  • How far is it to the ducking hunting? – Most locations are under an hour, some are much closer.
  • What gauge shotgun is used for ducks?  We typically recommend a 12 gauge but you are welcome to use a 20 gauge if you are more comfortable with that.
  • What about having ducks mounted?  At this time it is not advisable, due to regulations in Argentina, to bring birds back to the US for taxidermy purposes.  In addition, the birds must be received in the US by a receiving agent licensed by federal authorities.


Chip - Argentia Duck Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

USA/Hunting Consultant Chip Johnston here.