Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I bring a non-hunting companion? You are welcome to bring your wife, husband, significant other, friend…doesn’t matter what you call them they are welcome. They are can enjoy the amenities of the lodge or come with you to the field. See our amenities
  • How do I get there? See getting here.
  • Can I bring my gun? You can bring your gun if you would like but proper permits and a fee are required. We also have a full gun library you can choose from. See bringing a gun.
  • If I rent a gun, will I have a selection to choose from?  We have a full gun library stocked with the finest over and under shotguns as well as semi-autos to choose from.  You can hunt with the same gun each day or try several during the course of your hunt.
  • How does Santa Fe compare to Cordoba for dove hunting? We believe the dove hunting at Estancia La Criolla is just as good as the famed Cordoba region. Some may argue that the dove hunting is better in Cordoba, but in Santa Fe there are still more doves than you could ever shoot. The thing that makes our location better (in our opinion) is there is a more diverse offering of bird species in closer proximity to the lodge.  Because of that diversity and less hunting pressure we believe Estancia La Criolla is the world’s best destination for a bird hunter.
  • Do you eat the doves? They can be eaten but are usually not. They are agricultural pests that are over populated and do substantial crop damage every year.
  • Does all the shooting reduce the population? No, they are currently over populated. Even with all the hunting pressure the dove population seems to be holding steady.
  • What Species are the doves? Eared Dove, similar to the Mourning Dove in North America.
  • Are hunting stations shared? Usually each hunter has their own individual shooting station. If you would prefer you can share the hunting station with a companion.
  • How many birds can I shoot? As many as you want.  You are only limited to the energy you have to shoot and your shell budget.
  • Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated? Yes, please communicate any restrictions ahead of time.

We are sure that you will have lots of other questions please don’t hesitate to call or email our USA Contact/Hunting Consultant with any additional questions you have.



Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

  USA Contact /Hunting Consultant Chip Johnston