Estancia La Criolla – Dining

Argentinian Food on a table

Argentinian Spread

Meat and Wine

Argentinians are known for their love of red meat and red wine, so expect a hearty staple of both.  Other meats are served, with most being grilled and seasoned in the classic Argentine fashion.  As well, local vegetables and fruits are served along with sumptuous desserts prepared by the lodge staff.  Be prepared to put on some pounds while you are with us.

We have a variety of non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks available from our fully stocked bar.  In  addition, bottled water is always available on the hunts and at the lodge.

Meat covered peppers

Argentinian Food

If you have special dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance of your trip.  We will do all that we can to accommodate special diets.


Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

USA Contact /Hunting Consultant Chip Johnston here.