Bringing a Gun to Argentina

Personal firearms can be brought into Argentina with the proper paperwork and license fee.  If you would rather we have great shotguns for rent (Beretta and Benelli, Over/Under and Semi auto, 410, 20 and 12 gauge.

The following is a statement of government regulation on the matter:

People TWENTY (21) years of age or older may enter the country on a temporary basis with one or more firearms.

Shall be submitted by the Argentine Consulate in the country of origin, armed with the equivalent in your country authorization holding identity card or passport, requesting “authorization entry and temporary possession” of material wishing to enter the country by the end of his stay in Argentina.

If tourists will arrive in the country without the authorization of entry and temporary tenure extended by the consulate, the local authority may grant such authorization intervener by the end of the stay, ad referendum RENAR.

To manage such authorization shall submit the Summary for Authorization Entry and Exit of Firearms, Ammunition and Other Controlled Materials and attach stamps Law 23.979 corresponding to each weapon or material to enter (ATTACHED IN PDF) on which the permission will be granted Temporary Introduction.

Note:  The Temporary Authorization materials possess a deadline of NINETY (90) days from the date of issuance of the authorization.

Detailed in the SPC material must graduate the country in time set forth above. Once that term will be authorized subject to the penalties set out in the National Arms and Explosives Act No. 20,429 (confiscation, fines, etc.).

Note: Only the temporary entry of firearms will be allowed when performing activities of hunting or target shooting in places authorized by RENAR (Disp RENAR 473/12.) Is declared.

The following chart lets you know the total tariff of the process. The Law Form 23.979 numbers contained herein are illustrative and may change depending on the procedure.

Photocopy Form.

law 23.979TrámiteArancel

Application for Temporary Introduction $ 1,000.00 (around US $120)

(*) Total Cost $ 1,000.00

The necessary forms must be filled out in triplicate.  Before the trip, please contact us so we can provide the outfitter details, license and address.

The form can be found here.


Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

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