Argentina Dove Hunting

Looking to Hunt Doves in Argentina?

If you haven’t tried Argentina dove hunting, you’re in for an unforgettable experience! As you may know, Argentina is world renowned for the best dove hunts on the planet! At our ranch in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina, called Estancia La Criolla, you will experience magical dove hunts and so much more.

Argentina Dove Hunting, Duck hunting & Perdiz Hunting

The Santa Fe Province of Argentina is overwhelmed with tens of millions of doves, ducks, and perdiz. The high bird populations virtually guarantee action packed wing shooting experience.  Estancia La Criolla has 10,000 acres of private land and over the 25,000 acres of leased land.

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Argentina dove hunting

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If you are going to take the time and expense to come all the way to Argentina shouldn’t you experience more than hunting doves? Most of our clients come for a combination hunt that includes dove hunting, duck hunting, partridge hunting and fishing. Trips can be customized to fit your preferences. Big game hunting can also be added to the trip.

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Yes we are biased, but we sincerely believe if you want to experience the bird hunting trip of a lifetime, you should contact our USA Contact / Dove Hunting Consultant and book your trip to Argentina today!

We are sure that you will have lots of other questions please don’t hesitate to call or email our USA Contact/Hunting Consultant with any additional questions you have.


Chip the Argentia Dove Hunting Consultant

Chip Johnston

USA Contact /Hunting Consultant
Chip Johnston